Hello Everyone,


My name is Nubia Emmon and I'm here to share my foundation with you. First, I am thankful and grateful to everyone who has been supporting my career and helping me to reach this point, and hopefully, to greater heights in the future. I was inspired to start this Foundation due to the many people who have been there for me, and now I'm in a position to give back.

Here is what inspired my goals;

  • I grew up with both parents providing for all my needs and I am grateful for being blessed to grow up without having to struggle for life's basic necessities. There are millions of young people who unfortunately are not growing up getting their basic needs met and so I want to do all that I can to help...one person at a time by being a motivating role model.

  • Inspired by my mother's courageous fight with breast cancer (RIP), I feel passionate about advocating for both youth and adults to get annual check-ups because early detection is so important to saving lives, especially with breast cancer and other diseases. It's also important to take action to maintain mental and spiritual wellness--which is just as important as physical wellness.

  • When I became a teenager, my parents divorced. I went through a period of being very angry, confused and hurt. Now, having come through that experience, I can truly appreciate the value of having a healthy relationship with both parents and everyone in my life. Millions of young people have went through and are still going through this same thing and it's important for them to understand that 1) life happens 2) it's not your fault and 3) regardless to whoever you end up living with, it's so important to maintain the bonds of family and make peace with everyone in your family. Trust me, your success in life depends on it!

We will make charitable contributions, hold fundraisers, forums, workshops, social and educational events, and we will network and collaborate with organizations that are similar or compatible in purpose in carrying out our goals.

We'd love your support and ask that you continue to visit our webpage for updates.

-Nubia Emmon

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